Dr. Michael Torregano


Morning Inspiration - CD

His fifth album as a leader, ‘Morning Inspiration’ contains eleven original compositions that portray the "Feel Good, Grooving Music” style that Michael has crafted. Presenting a timeless sound that has been built with refreshing, modern energy, the new album has all the hallmarks of a timeless jazz epic, joining together easy listening vibes with a vibrant big band sound and smooth jazz foundations. Conveying a series of emotive and diverse pieces that all shine with an unshakeable big-band aesthetic. Tracks such as ‘Live Wires’, ‘Midnight Creep’, and ‘Saturday Night Sexy’ all spark with a modern touch, combining evocative melodies with flourishes of tempered brass and an unshakeable vibe, capturing the many shades of the album in beautiful form. -- Broken8Records Review, July 30, 2019