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Upcoming Gigs

As the summer weather in New Orleans gets hotter, so does the music from band. We have just celebrated 2 years of playing on the Riverboat Creole Queen. We play every Sunday and Monday from 6 - 9. If you haven't made it there yet, you don't know what you're missing. I've got a great band of wonderful musicians that keeps the music swinging and entertaining. This week we're also playing Tuesday night, May 29 for a private event on the boat.

I am also back in my laboratory working  on some new music. We've been rehearsing all original material for the next CD which I anticipate releasing next year. My goal right now is to put out 1 Cd a year. I've got a lot of ideas and not enough time in the day to work on them all. The next CD will be a return to my Smooth Jazz music. If you heard my first CD (Without Your Love), you know what I'm talking about. I've written some great songs that everyone will definitely enjoy. I am excited about this next project. 

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Music from For Your Ears Only

New Music!!

Michael's' newest CD For Your Ears Only is now available at and iTunes.

Michael's Christmas CD entitled Christmas Carols is now available only at

Michael's 2015 CD Doctor Jazz is now available at and iTunes.


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